Reading Update: March 9th – 13th

Monthly Reading Reflection Due: this Tuesday, March 10th

Since we will be going to the Science Center on Tuesday, our library times will be looking a little different this week. However, library books are still due back on Tuesday.

**Just a reminder that the February Reflection is due this Tuesday, March 10th. Students need to make sure they’re reading each question carefully on the Reflection before responding.

I have had so many students turn their Reflections in early this time. Thank you for supporting your child with their monthly reading homework.

Arizona Coyote Reading Program

We’re down to the last month of the Coyote Reading Challenge. Currently, third grade has read over 295,000 minutes since October. That’s amazing…but I know that March can be our best month yet of reading. So to sweeten the deal, if the third grade can reach 365,000 minutes by March 31st, I have a special surprise for them that I will be announcing tomorrow in reading class.

Students need to be reading at least 20 minutes every day and recording those minutes in their Coyote log as part of their reading homework. One of the best ways that you can help your child be successful on the AZMerit is to make sure they are completing their 20 minutes reading homework. It makes a huge difference in their vocabulary and comprehension understanding.

Spring Break Reading Challenge:

To encourage reading over spring break, I would love for parents to send me a picture via email of your child reading. These pictures will serve as entries into a drawing for some special prizes I will be giving out when we return to school. I can’t wait to see all the reading happening over the break!

Curriculum Focus:

Comprehension: Poetry and AZMerit Practice

This week:

We will be learning more about the special components of poetry. Students will also be working on a paired passage assignment in their ReadWorks.

AZMerit Practice

As I mentioned in the AZMerit meetings, I strongly urge parents to review the paired passages that are located behind the skills tab in the reading binder. These questions are written very similar to the ones that the students will see on the AZMerit. Students must be reading carefully to fully understand not only the story, but also the questions that they’re being asked to answer. It is imperative that students are taking their time and not rushing through the questions. Please be talking with your child about the importance of taking their time on all sections of the AZMerit.

The two biggest challenges I see third grade students struggling with include the following:

  • reading directions carefully
  • finding the evidence in the story to support their answers

Lunch Bunch Book Club with Mrs. Thompson

This week’s group will be reading Mae Among the Stars and Mission to Space.

This Week:

**Readbox is open Monday and Wednesday this week. This is a great opportunity to get some books to read over spring break.

  • Tuesday – February Reading Reflection Due
  • Wednesday – Lunch Bunch Book Club with Mrs. Thompson
  • Friday – 3rd Quarter Button Day!!

Upcoming Reading Dates:

  • AZMerit Reading Tests Next Month

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Thompson

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