Reading Update: Dec.16th – 20th

Please let me know if you have any questions. I hope everyone has a wonderful break!

Monthly Reading Reflection

The next Reading Reflection will be going home after winter break. Also, we will be visiting the library on Tuesday, so please remind your child to return their books this week.

Winter Book Exchange Red Carpet Extravaganza

We have received over 200 books for the Winter Book Exchange! Thank you to everyone who has donated books and cookies for this fun event. We will be using my classroom (rm #105) to set-up the books for students to browse. The books will be organized by genre’s, so hopefully students will be able to find that perfect book to read over the break. Thank you again to all the volunteers who are helping to make this such a fun time for our students.

Button Day

We had another great Button Day in third grade. I wish I had a video of the students when I announced I was getting reading to hand out the buttons. They were so excited! I’m hoping that enthusiasm will carry over to life long love of reading.

This year, I have handed out 512 buttons to third grade students. That is amazing! Our third quarter Button Day will be right before spring break in March, so please keep encouraging your child with their daily reading (even over the break) and completing their 30 Book Challenge.

Arizona Coyote Reading Program

The December Coyote minutes are going to be due on January 9th. I know that December is such a busy month, so I appreciate your help in reminding your child to record their minutes read.

Curriculum Focus:

We will continue to focus on inferences this week by completing some special Inferencing Challenges. Last week, students had to to write about a cold day at Legend Springs without using the word cold. This was great practice not only in using synonyms, but also in providing clues that the reader had to use to understand the topic.

This Week:

  • Tuesday – Library
  • Thursday – Winter Book Exchange

Upcoming Reading Dates:

January 9th – December Coyote Minutes Due

Happy reading and see everyone in 2020!

Mrs. Thompson

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