Reading Update: December 2nd – 6th

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. It’s hard to believe that it’s December 1st already. I wanted to thank everyone who has donated books for the Winter Book Exchange that is happening on December 19th. I know that the students will love receiving “new” books to read over the break. We will be accepting third grade, gently used books through December 12th, so it’s not too late to send them in.

We have a very busy week in reading coming up. There are lots of items due and a reading test on Thursday. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Monthly Reading Reflection

The November Reading Reflection is due this Tuesday, December 3rd. I will not be sending home a Reading Reflection during the month of December, but keep recording their daily reading minutes in the Coyote log. Also, we will be going to the library on Tuesday, so please make sure your child remembers to return their books if they’re finished reading them.

Winter Book Exchange Red Carpet Extravaganza

On December 19th, students will have the opportunity to participate in the Third Grade’s Winter Book Exchange. This is a great opportunity for each child to give and receive a book during the month of December to celebrate reading. Students may bring in one or more gently used books that they have already read in exchange for a “new” book. Any extra books will be saved for book exchanges at spring break and at the end of the year. I did have some students ask if they could bring in books from younger siblings. Since this book exchange is for third graders only, we really want to keep it to books that third graders would like to read. So search all those closets and bookshelves and let’s encourage some winter break reading!

  • Books Donated – December 12th or earlier
  • Book Exchange – December 19th
  • third grade books

I will need a few volunteers that day around 1:30 to set-up the red carpet and books, so please let me know if you are available to help. Thank you!

Button Day is Coming!

All completed genres for 2nd quarter are due this Friday. Students must have read the two books for a genre and had their parents sign their 30 Book Challenge in order to receive the genre button(s). Buttons will be handed out on Friday, December 13th.

Arizona Coyote Reading Program

Keep recording their minutes read in their log. November minutes are due on Tuesday, December 3rd, and must be signed by parents. We hope to beat our October minutes of 59,241!

Curriculum Focus:

The month of December is going to be all about making inferences. I love this definition of inferencing: “When you make an inference, you go beyond the author’s words to understand what is not said in the text.” While this is a very important comprehension skill, it can be tricky for students to recognize. I tell them it’s like putting together a puzzle. When they take the clues given by the author, along with what they already know and any questions they may have, they are able to infer what the author was trying to say in the text.

Here are some inferencing ideas that you can use at home to help reinforce this skill:

  • Play Twenty Questions! This familiar word game helps build inference skills. Encourage them to avoid asking direct questions like, “Is it a dog?” Instead, encourage them to ask broader questions, “Does it walk on four feet?” Then ask them what clues lead them to the correct answer.
  • Create inferences together and then talk about what clues were used to come up with that inference. For example: Sam played outside today. How can we tell? Muddy shoes, jump rope on the front porch, water bottle out. Here’s another example: Dad seems tired tonight. How can we tell? He’s rubbing his eyes, he’s on the couch, he was yawning at the dinner table.

Source: Issaquah School District

This Week: (We have a busy week!)

  • Tuesday, December 3rd – Library Day
  • Tuesday, December 3rd – November Reading Reflection Due
  • Tuesday, December 3rd – Coyote November Minutes Due – Parents please add November minutes and sign.
  • Thursday, December 5th – Reading Comprehension Test
  • Friday, December 6th – 2nd Quarter Genres Due

Upcoming December Reading Dates:

  • December 13th – 2nd Quarter Button Day
  • December 19th – Winter Book Exchange

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Thompson

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