Reading Update: November 18th – 22nd

I’m always telling the students that reading helps improve their skills in all subjects areas. A strong correlation exists between the capacity of a child to read and their academic performance. Because so much of our education relies on our ability to read, children need good reading skills to excel in school and thrive. Thank you for encouraging your child with their daily 20 minute reading assignment. It does make a difference!

Why Reading 20 Minutes At Home Is Important

  • Student A reads 20 minutes a day, which is 3,600 minutes per school year or 1,800,000 words per year. Scores in the 90th percentile on standardized tests.
  • Student B reads 5 minutes per day, or 900 minutes per school year or 282,000 words per year. Scores in the 50th percentile on standardized tests.
  • Student C reads 1 minute per day, 180 minutes per school year or 8,000 words per year. Scores in the 10th percentile on standardized tests.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
― Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut

Monthly Reading Reflection

The November Reading Reflection is due on Tuesday, December 3rd. This is the monthly reading homework that I assign to all third graders. The next Reflection will not be going home until January. Just a reminder that this graded assignment is worth 25 points.

I had the students keep their rubric in their binder, so that they may review all upcoming Reflections before turning them in. Students should be bringing their reading binder home daily.

Helpful Hints for Completing the Reading Reflection

  • working on the Reflection as soon as we finish a book while it’s still fresh in our mind
  • writing at least 3 complete (full of details) sentences for each question
  • books should be coming from the 30 Book Challenge.

We will be going to the library on Tuesday, so please make sure your child remembers to bring back their books if they are finished reading them.

While the students are able to checkout two books every week, I only request that one of them be in their Lexile range. The books they’re writing about on their Reflections should be coming from the Lexile books that either Mrs. Cindy or I approve of each week. These are also the ones they are including on their 30 Book Challenge. Please be sure to ask your child what books they checked out on library days. The months are flying by and I want to make sure they’re prepared for completing their monthly Reading Reflections by the due dates. Our next button day is scheduled for Friday, December 13th. I will need their genre’s count on Friday, December 6th. Just a reminder, parents must sign all completed genres after students have read their books before students can receive their buttons.

Arizona Coyote Reading Program

Keep recording their minutes read in their log. November minutes are due on Tuesday, December 3rd, and must be signed by parents. You might have heard them mention that if we reach our grade level goal by March 31st, which is 500,00 minutes, that I would get slimed. Hopefully it will keep them motivated over the next few months to keep up with their reading.

Winter Book Exchange Red Carpet Extravaganza

On December 19th, students will have the opportunity to participate in the Third Grade’s Winter Book Exchange. This is a great opportunity for each child to give and receive a book during the month of December to celebrate reading. Students may bring in one or more gently used books that they have already read in exchange for a “new” book. So search all those closets and bookshelves and let’s encourage some winter break reading!

  • Books Donated – December 12th or earlier
  • Book Exchange – December 19th

I will need a few volunteers that day around 1:30 to set-up the red carpet and books, so please let me know if you are available to help. Thank you!

Curriculum Focus:

Comprehension: You will find additional information about each of the comprehension skills we focus on in third grade underneath the Reading Skills tab on the blog.


  • Continue with base words and endings

Reading Skill:

  • Story: Camouflage Wizards
  • Skill: Text Features

This Week:

  • November 19th – Library Day

Upcoming December Reading Dates:

  • December 3rd – November Reading Reflection Due
  • December 3rd – Coyote November Minutes Due
  • December 6th – 2nd Quarter Genres Due
  • December 13th – 2nd Quarter Button Day
  • December 19th – Winter Book Exchange

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Thompson

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