Reading Update: Nov. 4th – 8th

Happy November! Here’s the weekly third grade reading news.

Monthly Reading Reflection

The new November Reading Reflection is due on Tuesday, December 3rd. I will be sending it home tomorrow in their reading binder. I had the students keep their rubric in their binder, so that they may review their next reflection before turning it in.

We go to the library as classes most every Tuesday. While the students are able to checkout two books every week, I only request that one of them be in their Lexile range. The books they’re writing about on their Reflections should be coming from the Lexile books that either Mrs. Cindy or I approve of each week. These are also the ones they are including on their 30 Book Challenge. Please be sure to ask your child what books they checked out on library days. The months are flying by and I want to make sure they’re prepared for completing their monthly reading reflections by the due dates. Our next button day is scheduled for Friday, December 13th. I will need their genre’s count on Friday, December 6th.

Arizona Coyote Reading Program

Thank you for encouraging your child with the Coyote Reading Log. Between all four homeroom classes, the students read over 54,000 minutes! That’s very impressive considering we technically started the contest half way through October. You might have heard them mention that if we reach our grade level goal by March 31st, which is 500,00 minutes, that I would get slimed. Hopefully it will keep them motivated over the next few months to keep up with their reading.

Our October homeroom students with the most minutes were: Leyton, Jocelynn, Alexa, and Ared. I will be announcing the class with the most minutes read for October tomorrow.

Just a reminder that I’m not asking for students to be reading hours a day, but maybe setting goals to read 1-5 minutes longer each day. Our daily reading homework is to be reading at least 20 minutes. Students may use these minutes for their Coyote reading log. Also, since this contest is for the entire month, students can take their reading binders home on the weekend to record their minutes read. November minutes are due on Tuesday, December 3rd. and must be signed by parents.

Curriculum Focus:

Comprehension: You will find additional information about each of the comprehension skills we focus on in third grade underneath the Reading Skills tab on the blog.

We will be taking the district’s ELA benchmark test on Wednesday, November 13th. Each class will be taking their tests in their homeroom classes on that day. Students do not receive letter grades for these tests, but rather they serve as a tool to see how students are progressing through the third grade standards.


  • Continue with singular possessive nouns
  • Base words and endings (please review these definitions with your child)
    • Suffixes – added to the end of a base/root word to change the meaning
    • Prefixes – added to the beginning of a base/root word
    • Base Words – a word that can stand alone or have a prefix or suffix added to it.

Reading Skill:

Point of View – We will be focusing on who is telling the story.

  • First Person – the story is told from one of the viewpoints of the characters
  • Second Person – the narrator address the reader (how to do something)
  • Third Person – the narrator is not part of the story

Upcoming Reading Dates:

  • November 5th – Library Day!
  • November 13th – District ELA Benchmark Assessment
  • December 3rd – November Reading Reflection Due
  • December 3rd – Coyote November Minutes Due
  • December 6th – 2nd Quarter Genres Due
  • December 13th – 2nd Quarter Button Day

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Thompson

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