Reading Update: October 28th – November 1st.

I have enjoyed the opportunity the last two weeks to meet with the families of our third grade students for parent/teacher conferences. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me or send me a Class Dojo message. Just a reminder that you can go back in the blog to see any dates that you might have missed.

I do need a couple of extra volunteers this Friday to add up October reading minutes for the classes. Parents should have already totaled their child’s minutes. I just need some help with getting the class totals and adding them to our reading board in the hallway. If you’re interested in helping will you please email me or send me a Class Dojo message. Thank you for your support!

Monthly Reading Reflection

The new October Reading Reflection is due this Friday, November 1st. Starting with this reflection, I will be grading them using a rubric. It should be in their binder with their reflection. Please review it’s expectations with your child before they turn in their work.

We go to the library as classes most every Tuesday. While the students are able to checkout two books every week, I only request that one of them be in their Lexile range. The books they’re writing about on their Reflections should be coming from the Lexile books that either Mrs. Cindy or I approve of each week. These are also the ones they are including on their 30 Book Challenge.

Arizona Coyote Reading Program

Thank you for encouraging your child with the Coyote Reading Log. I will need the students to bring in their logs this Friday. Please add your child’s minutes for October and sign that they did read those minutes. I need to send in our grade level totals to the Coyotes, so I need to have those minutes ready for the next week. Just a reminder that I’m not asking for students to be reading hours a day, but maybe setting goals to read 1-5 minutes longer each day. Since this contest is for the entire month, students can take their reading binders home on the weekend to record their minutes read. This program runs through March 31st and includes weekends too. 

Curriculum Focus:

Comprehension: You will find additional information about each of the comprehension skills we focus on in third grade underneath the Reading Skills tab on the blog.

The students took their first reading test last week. Afterwards, I asked the students how important is was to be going back into the story to find the evidence to support their answers. It was a resounding yes! Just a reminder that future tests will be taken on the computer. These tests are hard and ones that they can not study for ahead of time.


Singular Possessive Nouns

Reading Skill:

Identifying the difference between theme and main idea

Upcoming Due Dates:

  1. October 29th – Library Day
  2. November 1st – October Reading Reflection is due.
  3. November 1st – October reading minutes are due for the Arizona Coyote reading contest.  

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Thompson

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