Reading Update: October 14th – 18th

Button Day Is This Week!

On Friday, I will be handing out first quarter buttons. Students who read both books in a genre and had their parents sign off that they did read those books, will be receiving their button(s) on Friday.  Just a reminder that students have the opportunity to earn genre buttons each quarter. Our 2nd quarter Button Day will be in December.

Monthly Reading Reflection

The new October Reading Reflection is due on Friday, November 1st. Starting with this reflection, I will be grading them using a rubric. This week, students will have that rubric in their binder with their new reflection. Please review it’s expectations with your child.

Helpful Hints for Completing the Reading Reflection

  • working on the reflection as soon as we finish a book while it’s still fresh in our mind
  • writing at least 3 complete sentences for each question
  • books should be coming from the 30 Book Challenge.

Arizona Coyote Reading Program

I’m excited to announce that all third graders will be participating in the Arizona Coyotes Reading Program this year.  Students will be keeping track of their minutes read each month in the official Coyote Reading Log. Each homeroom class’s monthly minutes will be totaled and sent into the Coyotes to possibly win some amazing prizes. 

Students will be coming home with their log on Tuesday.   Please read the parent letter that is inside the log from the Coyotes.  They are asking you to verify their minutes read and sign off at the bottom of the pages each month that the minutes are accurately recorded. Your child will also be bringing home a BOGO hockey ticket to attend an Arizona Coyotes hockey game.

The log can be kept in their reading binder.  If you would like to keep it in a safe place at home that’s okay too.  I only have enough logs for each child to receive just one. I did tell the students last week that since our daily reading homework is to read at least 20 minutes that they may go back and fill in the first 14 days in October with 20 minutes. We talked about the importance of accurately writing down the minutes we read each day.  If they read only 10 minutes one day, then that’s what they should write down. I’m not asking for students to be reading hours a day, but maybe setting goals to read 1-5 minutes longer each day. This program runs through March 31st and includes weekends too. 

Here’s the list of the classroom prizes the students can earn:
250 mins. – Arizona Coyote Bookmark

500 mins. – Arizona Coyote Folder

1000 mins. – Arizona Coyote Multi-colored pen

2,500 mins. – Arizona Coyote Pencil Pouch

(The third grade teachers will also be having monthly incentives if their class reaches their monthly goals).

In addition, the top class for the month will receive a visit from Howler (Coyote mascot) and the top student will receive 2 tickets to an Arizona Coyotes home game.  The top class at each grade level at the end of the year will be invited to Gila River Arena for a tour and a pizza party. There are many schools participating, so please make sure your child is reading every day and recording their minutes.  October minutes are due on Friday, November 1st. 

I appreciate the Coyotes commitment to improving literacy in our schools.  I look forward to seeing how many minutes our third grade students read this year.

Curriculum Focus:

Comprehension: You will find additional information about each of the comprehension skills we focus on in third grade underneath the Reading Skills tab on the blog.

We have spent the last month completing a Close Read of the story Rumpelstiltskin.  These are the following skills we have focused on:

  • Referring to the text to answer questions.  We either underline or highlight the answers in the story.  We also talked about restating the question in our answers and writing complete sentences.
  • The importance of sequencing the events in a story
  • Understanding how a character’s feelings can change through a story
  • Using context clues to help with unknown words (this is a work in progress)

Next week, we will begin exploring paired texts passages using the following acronym:

R – Read both passages

E – Explain the connection between the two passages

A – Analyze the passages for similarities and differences

D – Determine the answers to the questions


Continue with Context Clues

Reading Skill:

Continue with Compare and Contrast

Upcoming Due Dates:

  1. October 15th – Library Day
  2. October 18th -I will be handing out first quarter genre buttons.
  3. November 1st – October Reading Reflection is due.
  4. November 1st – October reading minutes are due for the Arizona Coyote reading contest.  

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Thompson

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