Update: Sept. 16th – 20th

Thank you for supporting your child with the 30 Book Challenge. On Tuesday, we will be visiting the library to check out books. If students finish a book before the next library day, they may choose new books during recess and before or after school. If your child does not finish a book they can renew it. Mrs. Cindy allows two renewals for each book. Books for the 30 Book Challenge need to be on their Lexile and read this year in third grade.

Button Day is Coming!

This year students have the opportunity to earn buttons for each completed genre on the 30 Book Challenge. For them to earn the button they must have had the books approved by me or Mrs. Cindy and have had a parent initial that they did read the entire books. At the end of each quarter, we have a “Button Day,” and at that time I handout buttons earned for that quarter. Our first Button Day is scheduled for Friday, October 18th. The last day that I will accept completed genres for this quarter is October 9th.

Tech Talk: Digital Reading Resources:

This week students were assigned their first assignment in Read Works. Read Works provides students with the following:

  • Text-based questions
  • Multiple choice and written answer questions
  • Explicit and inferential questions that build a deeper understand of the important elements of a text.

Weekly Reading Tip (from Scholastic):

Talk about what they’re reading.  This “verbal processing” helps them remember and think through the themes of the book. Ask questions before, during, and after a session to encourage reading comprehension. (Read about all the questions you should ask during story time here!) For example: 

  • Before: “What are you interested in about this book? What doesn’t interest you?” 
  • During: “What’s going on in the book? Is it turning out the way you thought it would? What do you think will happen next?” 
  • After: “Can you summarize the book? What did you like about it? What other books does it remind you of?”

Curriculum Focus:

Comprehension: You will find additional information about each of the comprehension skills we focus on in third grade underneath the Reading Skills tab on the blog.

Last week, we talked about Author’s Purpose or otherwise known as P.I.E. Authors write to persuade, inform, or to entertain the readers. This year in third grade we added two more words to our acronym- explain and describe, so we call it P.I.E.’E.D. You will find information about each of these behind the skills tab in their binder.

This week we will begin our close reading of Rumpelstiltskin. I love this definition of close reading if you are unfamiliar with it. It is a strategy in which children read and reread short complex text to improve comprehension. Or think of it has reading a text enough times that you can explain it to someone else and answer questions about it.



Reading Skill:

Main Idea

Upcoming Due Dates:

  1. September Reading Reflection – Due on October 2nd (Parents must sign the Reflection and 30 Book Challenge when your child has read the book). Just a reminder that students choose a different Lexile book to answer each of the questions on the Reading Reflection.
  2. All genres completed this quarter are due on October 9th.
  3. Button Day – October 18th

Happy Reading!

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