Reading Update: Sept. 9th – 13th

Reading with Mrs. Thompson

Thank you for supporting your child with the 30 Book Challenge. On Tuesday, we will be visiting the library to check out books. If students finish a book before the next library day, they may choose new books during recess and before or after school. If your child does not finish a book they can renew it. Mrs. Cindy allows two renewals for each book. Books for the 30 Book Challenge need to be on their Lexile and read this year in third grade.

Just a little side note. Last Friday after school, I stopped by the library to talk with Cindy and I was so excited to see many third graders checking out new books for the weekend. It made my teacher heart happy!

Tech Talk: Digital Reading Resources:

Some of the online tools we use to support reading comprehension in third grade are Read Theory and Newsela Pro. In Read Theory, students complete a series of pretests that provide them with the content level stories that are just right for them. After they read a story, they will complete a comprehension quiz about it. Students have the opportunity to earn points and grow their Lexile with this program. Another bonus to Read Theory is that students can access it from home. Their login information is located inside the front cover of their agenda. Newsela Pro also provides online story content. It promotes curriculum wide instruction with differentiation. Stories cover a wide range of content including science and social studies. Each week, students will read a story, complete a quiz, and answer a writing prompt related to their story.

Weekly Reading Tip (from Scholastic):

Make sure your child gets lots of practice reading books that aren’t too hard. They should recognize at least 90 percent of the words without any help. Stopping any more often than that to figure out a word makes it tough for them to focus on the overall meaning of the story. This is one of the many reasons I love students checking out Lexile books from the library.

Curriculum Focus:

Comprehension: You will find additional information about each of the comprehension skills we focus on in third grade underneath the Reading Skills tab on the blog.

Last week, we talked about how important the sequence or the order of events in a story are to understanding what the author is trying to tell us. This week, we will be determining the Author’s Purpose of several selected stories.


Compound Words

Reading Skill:

Author’s Purpose

Upcoming Due Dates:

September Reading Reflection – Due on October 2nd (Parents must sign the Reflection and 30 Book Challenge when your child has read the book). Just a reminder that students choose a different Lexile book to answer each of the questions on the Reading Reflection.

Happy Reading!

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