Reading Update: Sept. 3rd – 6th

From Mrs. Thompson

Thank you for supporting your child with the 30 Book Challenge. Just a reminder that on Tuesday, we will be visiting the library to check out books. If students finish a book before the next library day, they may choose new books during recess and before or after school.

This week I wanted to explain the Monthly Reading Reflection. Every month, students are assigned an educational activity in addition to the 20 minutes of daily reading. For this activity students choose three different Lexile books to write about on their reflection sheet. The questions do change monthly, so make sure they’re reading them carefully before answering them. They also need to be writing good complete sentences for their answers. You will find this page behind the Reflection tab in their reading binder. There’s also a copy of it underneath the Parent Corner tab on the blog. Students will have the entire month to complete it. The September Reflection is due on October 2nd.

Weekly Reading Tip (from Scholastic):

1. Have them read aloud. This forces them to go slower, which gives them more time to process what they read and in turn improves reading comprehension. Plus, they’re not only seeing the words — but hearing them, too! While I love this strategy, this doesn’t mean you have to listen to them read an entire book or chapter. However, I do believe that it’s good to check in with them to make sure they’re understanding and really reading the story.

Curriculum Focus:


Third grade reading comprehension is all about finding the evidence to support your thinking. Last week, students created the setting with evidence in our Third Grade Angels Buncee. We also discussed how authors don’t always tell us everything and that somethings we have to draw inferences to determine the missing part. Inferences are when we take the text clues along with our background knowledge to figure out what the author doesn’t tell you.


Compound Words

Reading Skill:

Characterization and Sequencing

Upcoming Due Dates:

September Reading Reflection – Due on October 2nd.

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Thompson

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