Reading News: August 26th – 30th

On Monday, students will be coming home with their 30 Books Challenge. This paper should always be kept in their reading binder behind the 30 Books tab. For your reference today, you may refer to a blank 30 Books Challenge under the PARENT CORNER tab on the blog.

You will notice that I have listed your child’s Lexile score with the range of books that they can be checking out from the school’s library. For example, if their Lexile score is 430, they will be looking for books that have a blue dot on them. These books fall within the 300-599 range. Public libraries do not use the same colored coded system that Legend Springs does, so please visit to determine other books’ Lexile levels. It’s a great resource. While students are allowed to check out two books each week, one of those must be in their Lexile range and pre-approved by either myself or Ms. Cindy. That is the one that should be included on the challenge.

The 30 Books Challenge also includes a sampling of books from each of the different genres. Last week during library, Ms. Cindy and I explained the different types of genres found in our library. I’m hoping that by having students read different ones, they may just find a new favorite book that they otherwise wouldn’t have read. You will find additional information about each of the genres behind the Genres tab in their binder.

I greatly appreciate your support with the 30 Books Challenge. You will notice that for each book read, parents need to sign that their child did read that book. I believe this helps to show the students that we are committed and working together to help them grow their reading.

Just a reminder that Lexile scores were determined by the Reading Inventory administered last week. I’m including information in their binders regarding their score and how you can best support their reading at home.

Curriculum Focus:


Students began the novel study of Third Grade Angels by writing their prediction of the story. We also discussed why this was a realistic fiction story. Realistic fiction meaning that the story, while fictional, is believable. This week, we will be looking at the main character Suds and how his traits contribute to the story.

Vocabulary: We are continuing to look at different types of homonyms.

Reading Skill: Characterization

I don’t always intend for the weekly blog update to be so long, but I wanted to make sure all the information was available to everyone.

Don’t forget that third grade’s library day is Tuesday!

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Thompson

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